Facility Request Form


Please read over policies concerning the use of facilities found below

  1. After the form is submitted we will inform you if the request is approved or denied.  This process involves a few people from different departments and could take a multiple days. Feel free to contact the church to check on progress.
  2. After using the facility, please use a checklist that will be emailed to you to ensure that everything is done. 
  3. There is a fee involved in using the building. Below describes fees associated with use of the building.
  4. Deposit: On top of fees a $250 deposit will be required if the event requested is approved. This deposit will be returned after the event, if the building was returned to a previous state and nothing was soiled, neglected or destroyed. If an item was soiled, neglected, or destroyed and the building was not returned to a previous state, a portion or all of the $250 deductible will be used to return the building to satisfaction at the discretion of the Senior Associate Pastor or the person who approved the event.

The church facilities are created primarily for worship, training, fellowship, outreach and furtherance of the Gospel.  Any group using the facilities should not be in conflict with these basic ends.  This policy has been designed to define appropriate usage guidelines of the facilities that promote a maximum benefit for the church family and community.

  • Procedural guidelines for scheduling the use of church facilities:
    1. Any individual or group desiring to use the facilities, other than for normal church activities, shall submit a request.
    2. The completed form shall be submitted and the Senior Associate Pastor, Elder board and/or Senior pastor will determine if there is a conflict in scheduling or with church policy.
    3. Requests may not be submitted prior to thirty days in advance of facility use, with the exception of weddings. A request may be made 12 months prior to the wedding.  See the wedding packet for details. Please request this packet. 
  • No application for persons under the age of eighteen (18) will be considered.
  • The church considers its facilities to be a place of worship.  All persons should conduct themselves accordingly as responsible individuals while participating in activities using church facilities.  The person who submits the application will be held responsible for any and all damages to the building and furnishings.  All furnishings shall be restored to the original order.
  • Reduction of usage fees will not be extended to non-members who request the use of facilities through a church member.
  • The person or person(s) who submit the application will be responsible for cleaning the facilities. Cleaning fees are noted below.  Any applicant not adhering to the policies will not be considered for future requests.
  • Recurring events must follow the same guidelines as noted above for each event.
  • Saturday night or Sunday morning events will most likely not be approved.
  • Every group or organization using church facilities must abide by all church guidelines, requirements and other restrictions regarding the usage of the church facilities.
  • Users of the church facilities agree to use the utmost care in the use of church facilities and agree to leave the facilities in good, clean condition.
  • Great Commission Church reserves the right to schedule other activities and events in other parts of the church facility.
  • In the event of damage to the church facilities, those using any church facility shall accept the amount of repair and replacement costs as estimated, or otherwise determined, by the church Finacial Administrator and shall pay the church for such repair and replacement costs upon demand.
  • For children and youth events, the applicable group or organization must provide adequate adult supervision for all usage.
  • Those using church facilities must confine themselves to the areas provided for in the POLICY REQUEST FORM (S).
  • Users may not take tables and/or chairs, and/or other items, from other rooms and/or areas of the facility.
  • Use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or drugs is strictly prohibited on church premises.

Basic Information:

Event Information:

Cleaning Fees

Events 4 hours or more will be charged a cleaning fee of $60

Building usage details:

Event hosting fees

Item fees are per hour


Sanctuary "The Court" (Including main lobby) ..... Non-Member ($40)   Member ($20) 

Theater Room ....................................Non-Member ($20)   Member ($10) 

Kitchen add-on ...................................Non-Member ($20)   Member ($10) 

Conference room ...............................Non-Member ($10)     Member / HOA (Free)

Audio, Video, lighting need(s)............Non-member ($60) Member ($25)   


Set up cost is $5 per table

After the event, we do ask that you stack the chairs 6 chairs high and put the tables back on the rolling cart.


Set up and tear down cost is $10 per table

The court (Big room) can fit 24 tables. This will not leave any room in the back for anything else. 

(20 tables is recommended.)

Each table can fit 8 chairs. (6 chairs is recommended)

Tip: This is required for use of microphones, screen and production lights.

  • You can hook up a laptop on the stage to use our screens. (HDMI)
    • Laptop audio is not possible
  • We can project simple graphics / video from our system. Keynote and powerpoint might be possible upon testing.
    • If using our computer, we will need the file by Thursday morning before the event. 
    • This is the only way for computer audio
  • We have a handheld mic, clip-on mic and pulpit mic (attached to a podium) You can use.
  • If you need production lights, Including spot light, room color floods, stage lighting please note.

Tip: Add up - Building, Cleaning, Set up, A/V (You do not have to include the $250 deposit check in this total)

Office Use Only