Communication Team --------------------------------------->

This Team will be responsible for: 

·         Spreading the word about any and all events for the weekend

·         Communication campaign leading up to 20/20 weekend

·         Take pictures and or video of the weekend

·         Who? People who are good at communicating their ideas, motivating others, and thinking creatively.


Special Touches Team ------------------------------------->

This team is responsible for:

·         Adding memorable touches to every event that is hosted for 20/20

o   Balloon drops, skits, big moments

·         Main roll is to make a memorable moment for the closing ceremony Sunday night.

·         Who? People who are creative and effective at planning, who also appreciate closure. 

Street Crew --------------------------------------------------->

This team is responsible for: 

·          going into the community and inviting people to church/ evangelism

·         Door hangers, inviting cards

·         Who? People willing to put boots on the ground,  Self-motivated and not afraid of a little hot weather

Friday – Honoring the past - History Night -------->

This team is responsible for:

·         Help the church remember and honor the past as we prepare to leave a legacy for the future.

·         Gathering information from historian team

·         Reveal neat history from the past 20 years

·         Idea: Newspaper, pictures, display on the wall

·         Display items that the historian team has compiled.

·         Help people with their Testimony.. live and video

·         Decorate and clean up

·         Who? Event planners, love for GCC’s History, likes to make things special. This is going to be more of an elegant night

Saturday - Celebrating the Present - Field day and BBQ ------------------------------------------------------>

This team is responsible for:

·         Planning and executing a field day and BBQ

·         Team based fun … think sack races, egg toss.. family reunion fun

·         Help the church celebrate the present, enjoy fellowship and make memories as we enjoy each other.

·         Who? Competitive, Cooks BBQ, enjoys simple outdoor fun activities. Is loud and can help organize large numbers of teams.

Building Refresh ---------------------------------------------->

This team is responsible for:

·         Refresh lobby areas, logos, color schemes, documents, letterhead

·         Bathrooms, children’s areas, lobby.

·         Idea: 20 year memory walk in hall

·         Outdoor areas

·         Be involved in elements that involve the building.

·         Help decorate tables for meals and add those nice touches to as many areas as possible.

·         Who? Thrifty, creative, has a good eye for decorating


Next Generation ------------------------------------------>

This team is responsible for:

·         Involving 0 - teens with events

·         Involving kids and teens in each nights celebration. In attendance or with a special offering for them. Saturday field day moon bounces.

·         As part of our future…. how can the kids understand this and be apart of this celebration?

·         Which kids have grown up at GCC in the past 20 years, 15 ,10, 5?

·         Who? Cares about the next generation of GCC

Community / Small Group --------------------------------->

This team is responsible for:

·         Small Group 20/20 curriculum

·         Looking at big moments in biblical history and how they marked them in history.

·         Small group competitions for field days

·         Getting small groups involved for the weekend festivities 

·         Who? Those who are skilled at biblical research, writing, leading small groups.


Media Team -------------------------------------------------->

This team is responsible for:

·         Preparing, scripting, filming and editing videos from the historian team

·         Produce content for the communication and street crew teams – graphic, text and social media

·         Videos might include…. Looking at the past 20 years.

·         Looking 20 years into the future…


·         Who? Can either film video, edit video or write scripts.

Historian Team ------------------------------------------------->

This team is responsible for:

·         Gathering stories of life change from the past 20 years

o   Interview people

o   Utilize our database

o   data mine info from those that have been with us for years

o   Gather old Videos and pictures

o   Produce Text (Newsletter, Facebook, legacy newspaper)

·         Find the perfect pictures for large prints for lounge area or hall to be displayed on history night.

·         Document web movements

·         Who? Been at GCC for many years, willing to wade thought 1000’s of pictures and videos, good with conversations and developing stories, can use or willing to learn how to use GCC’s database.

Prayer Team ---------------------------------------------------->

This team is responsible for:

·         Finding creative ways to involve the church in praying

·         Create a prayer calendar leading up to the 20th anniversary weekend

·         Find creative ways to get the church involved in praying (Member directory, 72 hours of prayer, neighborhood prayer walks)

·         Who? Those who are passionate about prayer and motivating others to be involved.